iOS 8 /8.0.1 /8.1.1 /8.1.2 Cydia sources

If you have jailbroken iDevice, you are already familiar with Cydia. If you have not get it in  on Device make sure to get hurry. When you are familiar with Cydia you can access to view Cydia Sources. With these Cydia Sources, you can install Cydia apps, games, HD themes, tweaks, and ringtones to our iPhones, iPod Touch and iPad. As I say above you need Cydia Sources to install particular apps from Cydia.
Below is the full list of most popular Cydia Sources list and URL of Sources. Each Source has their own list of apps.
Now you can be a jailbreak and Cydia download iOS 8 /8.0.1 / 8.0.2 /8.1.1 /8.1.2 and 8.2 beta versions with support of Pangu8 and TiaG jailbreak tools.


Pangu8 Download supports up to 8.1

TaiG Download supports up to 8.2 beta


Here are the compatible Cydia sources for iOS iOS 8 /8.0.1 /8.1.1 /8.1.2 and 8.2 beta Versions.


1.    xSellize Source
Actually, this is very famous Source most of Cydia users. xSellize Source is hosting many tweaks,  apps , themes. Even this Source has most popular game ROM packs and there are so many full applications also. This Source is popular for some awesome HD themes and Bluetooth application for all your iPhone and iPod touch.
URL of xSellize Source

2.    Insanelyi
From this Source you can customize your iPhone, iPad, iPod because it has huge no of HD Cydia themes. There are a small amount of full apps. You may love this Source because you can theme your iPhones and iPod Touches with many Retina Display packages.
URL of Insanelyi Source

3. (Shut Down)
This is the most popular Source among the Cydia users, because it has Installous. You can install Full app from App store using Installous, even Source give you a chance try them before make a final purchase.
URL of Source

4.    Bite Your Apple
There are many more apps, mods, ringtones, tons of themes. This source is all in one Source. Even you can add this Source alternative for Source because it holding all packages of Source.
URL of Bite Your Apple Source

5.    P0dulo
This Source is all in one Source because you can find every single thing from this Source.    From this Source you can find tones of themes, ringtones, tweaks, and lot of games.
URL of P0dulo Source

6.    SinfuliPhone Source
This Source very famous for full packages even it has the large amount of apps and tweaks. If you are still looking for full app, you should add this Source.

URL of SinfuliPhone Source

7.    HackYouriPhone Source
You can customize your iPhone or iPad with this Source because it has most famous Winterboard themes and animated lockscreen.
URL of HackYouriPhone Source

8.    iHacks source
You can customize your iPhone or iPad with this Source because it has most famous Winterboard themes and animated lockscreen.
URL of iHacks Source

9.    iPhoneCake
This Source is home to App cake for Cydia. This Source also very famous for the Cydia usera because it has Installous app. You can install all Apps Store apps and Cydia Apps from here.
URL of iPhoneCake

10.    Pwn Centre
This Source very famous for multimedia content but unfortunately there are small no of apps and tweaks in this Source.
URL of Pwn Centre

11.    iHackstore Source
This Source specialist for premium jailbreak applications. And also you can install full Cydia apps and themes. You can use this Source for alternative to sINFuL Source.
URL of iHackstore Source

12.    51iPA Source
This is extremely famous Chinese Source and extremely popular for games DLC/Cheats worldwide. Actually, this Source for especially for Non-English
URL OF 51Ipa Source

13.    iAP Cracker Official Source
One of the top full apps finders and all you have to do are install the app and all the paid in-app stuff will be free.
URL of iAP Cracker Official Source

14.    iCauseFX
There are the huge amounts of content, and it has a large range of tweaks. After install this Source you can do package browsing to be easier.
URL of iCauseFX Source

15.    Idwaneo source

This is fulfilling with a lot of DLC for some of the most popular games for iOS and this source also has some great wallpapers and apps.

URL of Idwaneo Source

16. WooWiz Source
From this source you can get most-wanted apps. Syncing for all firmwares, game management, background management, as well as iBlueNova. You will like to this source.
     URL of WooWiz Source

17. The iPhone Spot Source
There are the huge amounts of tweaks, themes. After install this Source you can see there is an advantage over rather than other Sources because it is easy to handle website and there is the describable lists on it.
URL of The iPhone Spot Source

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TaiG Download

From this content, you can grab the most compatible Cydia download method to be latest iOS 8.1.1 / 8.1.2  versions. It is TaiG download. It is available for iPhone / iPad and iPod Touch models as untethered jailbreak.

Support Devices for TaiG download

iPhone 4s and later Devices

iPad Mini and later

iPod Touch 5G

1.2.0 is the recent release version, and still it is available for Windows platform. 1.2.1 Or 1.3 would be Mac supporting version.

Support iOS Versions for TaiG download

iOS 8.0

iOS 8.0.2

iOS 8.1.1

iOS 8.1.2

iOS 8.2 Beta1

iOS 8.2 Beta2

Change log of TaiG



Added 8.1.2 support


Reduce info of sandbox generate


Allows to users to delete 3K assistant from Cydia application


Increase speed of jailbreak


First launch and added 8.1


Download 1.2.0 version – Windows



Requirements of TaiG

First Device should match with iOS 8 to 8.1.2 versions. So go to General > About > version

taig download cyd sou

Backup all of the Device data with iTunes or iCloud

itunes ss new

Disable Device passcode and can re enable it again after the process. For Disable go to Settings> passcode off

taig download cyd sou 2

Disable Find my iPhone feature and re enable it after jailbreak process complete to Disable Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone > turn off

taig download cyd sou 3

Tutorial of TaiG jailbreak

Download 1.2 and unzip it

Plug Device to PC

Run unzip file as administrator

Wait until detect the Device by TaiG. If you would see Device firmware version, this is confirmation of TaiG of successfully detect

Click jailbreak button following uncheck TaiG app store (3K assistant option)

taig 1 new

Let alone TaiG to complete the jailbreak

Once reboot finish the process and Check Homescreen and find Cydia.


Follow below video guide to jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 / 8.1.2



TaiG for Mac operation system

Mac user’s doesn’t know they can use TaiG Download on Mac. With virtual Windows machine, Mac users can jailbreak Devices. So until release proper Mac jailbreak version, use this guide

Support versions TaiG Mac

iPhone 4s and later Devices

iPad Mini and later

iPod Touch 5G


Follow below video guide to jailbreak with TaiG with virtual Windows machine instead of use Mac


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Pangu8 Download

Pangu8 download is the only one best Cydia download solution for iOS 8 series. This tool is untethered and supports up to 8.1 and supports iPhone / iPad and iPod touch Devices. Supports both Windows and Mac.

Support Device for Pangu8 download

iPhone 4s and above

iPad Mini and above

iPod Touch 5G


Support iOS

iOS 8  / 8.0.1 /  8.1


Version history of Pangu8 download


Latest version for Windows and support Cydia 1.1.16 bundle


Latest version for Mac (first launch)


Fix drain cpu on 32bit

Fix safari reloading bug

Jailbreak optimize

Added restore function for iPad and iPad Mini 3


Added latest Cydia bundle

Jailbreak optimize

Fix issue of mobilesafri to crash on 64bit

iMessage and SMS image send failure fix

Respiring removed for Substrate

Added new functions for Pangu8 App

English language added


Fix lost photos issue


First version


Requirements of Pangu8

Check Device version and should compatible 8 to 8.1

Backup data of the Devices

Disable find my iPhone and re enable it after process

Disable Passcodes and allows re enable it after process

Latest iTunes for Windows

Mac users should disable find my iPhone


Jailbreak guide

Download Pangu8 Windows / Mac

Windows users run as Administrator and Mac users run normal

Connect Device to PC

Wait until pangu8 detecting your Device once OK click jailbreak button and Mac users click “Already did” option

Let it alone until final reboot and Mac users can see jailbreak process updating with below steps.

  • Transferring resources for jailbreaking
  • Preparing the environment
  • Waiting for the device rebooting
  • Preparing the environment
  • Injecting
  • Jailbreaking
  • Final Cleaning

Final reboot

Now can grab Cydia icon from homescreen.

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Cydia Sources for iOS 8

Apple fixed 17th September to iOS 8 release. So after all iOS users are allowed to upgrade current iOS version to iOS 8 upcoming version.  iOS cannot customize only with iOS vesion and it needs Cydia. Cydia is a third party application installer for jailbroken Devices and Cydia is installing with default Cydia sources.  With these default sources, iOS user allows to install any third party applications.

Once Apple release iOS 8 version update to it quickly because near future iOS user will allow to install Cydia to iOS 8 version.

Below sources will support to iOS 8 version because those are default sources.

BigBoss Source

ModMyi Source

iSpazio Source

Ste Packaging Source

Telesphoreo Tangelo Source

ZodTTD Source

1.1.12 is the latest version of Cydia and if you run any old version of Cydia recommended to upgrade it to 1.1.12 and be prepared to install Cydia application as iOS 8 version.

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compatible Cydia Sources for iOS 7.1.2

 iOS 8 beta 5 is the most-recent version of Apple and it is only for Apple Developers. Apple is always releasing beta version before release major iOS version for realize the issues.  So last WWDC meeting Apple CEO addressed they will be able to release iOS 8 version in this autumn. As per CEO, iOS 8 have most advantage features like HealthKit/HomeKit, so this could be the biggest step in whole iOS Devices.

However, you will not be able to Cydia download once it releases because someone has to release jailbreak tool with added support of iOS 8 version. Most probably Pangu will be able to release new version with support of iOS 8 versions.  If you still wish to jailbreak as latest iOS version, iOS 7.1.2 is the most suitable iOS version to do that. So please update your Device to iOS 7.1.2 and feel the Cydia Sources experience.

Latest version of Cydia

1.1.12 is the latest version of Cydia and Saurik published what are the new and improvements on Cydia 1.1.12 version with his Cydia official web site. Below content is as per Cydia official page.

  • Fix broken permissions caused by “stashing” regression, fixing “empty” WinterBoard, Activator, and more.
  • Fix the black-on-black status bar text color issue in Cydia on iOS 7.
  • More German localization fixes.
  • Use old iPad Retina icon on iOS 6.

How to add Cydia sources to iOS 7.1.2

First open Cydia

Click on Manage> Sources> Edit> Add

Then type Sources URL

Then click Add Source


Here are the Sources lists for iOS 7.1.1 and 7.1


BigBoss (Default Source)

From this Source you can get endless applications such as themes, Wallpapers, Ringtone, Games and many more. Here is the URL of BigBoss Source

Populer application of BigBoss


ModMyi (Default Source)

This is the anther default source. With this source you can get so many Cydia apps. If you are interesting about games, this is the best Source for it. Here is the URL of Source.

Populer application of ModMyi



This is another source which is having endless applications. Here is the URL of Source.

Populer application of Insanelyi



Via this source you can get lots of ringtones, mods and endless great themes. Here is the URL of this source.

Populer application of BiteYourApple



You can get lots of Ringtones, mods and themes via this Source. Here is the URL of this Source

Populer application of HackYouriPhone



This source has so many mods and tweaks. In this source not included full application. Here is the URL of this source.

Populer application of SinfuliPhoneRepo



This source is very famous among the game lovers because it has bunch of game ROM pack. This source is very famous for HD themes and Bluetooth application. Here is the URL of this source.

Populer application of Xsellize



This source is all in one source, because this source has every kind of application. Here is the URL of this source.

Populer application of iHacks



This source has premium jailbreak application and if you are interesting about full application, this is the source to download it. Here is the URL of this source.

Populer application of iHackstore



This is Italian source and it has lots of Ringtones, themes, and endless application and also this source has some great lock screen themes and SMS themes.

Populer application of iSpazio


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