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BigBoss Source is the biggest and maintained Cydia Source. BigBoss Source is the very popular source ever. It is contained a lot of themes, ring tones, wall papers, sounds even you can find out most famous Cydia games on it. Actually, BigBoss Source very famous for download and install most of the free Cydia apps. Do you know BigBoss Source coming nearly 11,000 apps? It means everything can be found on the BigBoss Source.

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How to add BigBoss Source to Cydia

This is the one of the default Source, which you can get to Cydia with jailbreak your iDevise. Now you can jailbreak your iDevice with evasi0n, redsnow, Seas0npass, Greenpois0n, It means when you install Cydia, automatically comes BigBoss Source to your iDevise

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You can get nearly 11,000 applications from BigBoss Source. Here are some of them.

iFile – Fast and direct views the iPhone file system.

Backgrounder – run multiple apps at the similar type and same time in the background.

BossPaper - This is the best way to control which wallpaper shows up on SpringBoard.

CyDelete - easy way to remove unwanted program from your iPhone screen.

ScrollingBoard – can added unlimited icons in your dock and folders.

Stride – can draw a security passcode in the 8-bit style.

Activator - this app is the iOS shortcutting application.

Spire – can download necessary Siri files directly from the Apple’s servers.

CyDelete –  easy to uninstall cydia apps from screen in directly with this app.

AirVideoEnabler - can stream your any video from iPad, iPod or iPhone to Apple TV.

Browser Changer – you can change default web browser with this app.

CamelBrowserSID -  can add fast web browser to your iPhone and iPod Touch.

GPower – easily perform commonly needed power operations  with new options.

BiteSMS - really alternative to default boring and limited SMS app with  new features.

iProtect – allows you to password protect applications, contacts, dial, photos and files.

iRealQuickSMS -  can add additional option of replying or calling, like your normal sms pop-up.

MxTube – allow you to download your favorite videos to your iDevice.

Masks – can change your SpringBoard icons and wallpapers with many effects.

NewContact - allows to add contact’s name/phone number & all the rest of the information.

SBSettings - this app work as most needful phone hacks.

SemiTether - can reboot your jailbroken iOS5 device without connect to the computer.

iUFC – allows you to watch all UFC PPV shows and fights for free.

Graviboard -  this app brings gravity to your Home screen.

Categories - allows you to create folders on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch SpringBoard.

Toggle SSH


BigBoss Source errors

When you getting Cydia errors as a below. HTTP/L0 403 Cydia Store authentication error. Contact for help or try again shortly.

It actually causesBigBoss Beta Source. Other than after jailbreakingiOS 5.0.1 most of the people complain they are not able to view packages. If you confront like this case, I will introduce one way to fix. 

Launch Cydia and click search

Search a pacage “Steffwiz” and install it

Install another pacage  “All Sources”

When finishes installing, go to manage and check your Sources.


If missing the BigBoss Source how can get it back to Cydia


Actually unlike other Source you cannot get BigBoss source by adding URL because BigBoss source is default source only way to add it from Cydia


Open Cydia and go to Manage>Source


Then tap the edit button and remove the missing source.


Now you go to Cydia home page and go to More Packages Source.



Now you can click on which is missing or empty and add it back.



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How to add BigBoss source URL to your device with cydia


IPhone, iPod and iPad users- Copy paste following source url and add it to Cydia


Windows and Mac users – Scan following QR code form your device and grab BigBoss source url to your device

BigBoss Source url


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