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BiteYourApple Source is another best Italian source for Cydia. It holds many more popular applications.if you want to add source to your Cydia sources list, Go through this source because it is holding all packages of source. It means source and this source is very similar.

URL of  BiteYourApple Source

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How to AddBiteYourApple Source to Cydia

This is not a default Cydia Source which you can get from jailbreaking your iDevise. If you want to add this source from Cydia Sources list from Cydia with add Source category. Now will introduce how to add this source by manually.

Make sure your iDevise should be jailbroken and connect with the internet, if you’re ok; you allow installing new Cydia Source to your Source list.

Launch Cydia on your Springboard. At the moment, you can see Cydia welcome screen, go to the bottom of the screen, there is an icon naming as Manage.  Now you must click the Manage button. Here is next screen going to appear. This screen appearing select source and Edit button. Put some finger tip on them. Now you can see popup box will appear, on this box you have to type above Cydia Source URL http://repo.biteyourapple. net . Be patient sometimes until Cydia updates , Once it finishes hit the Return To Cydia button , and now you can browse through the BiteYourApple Source.

 Most popular Applications ofBiteYourApple Source. 

As I say earlier BiteYourApple Source is holding all the popular packages of the Source. Here are some of them.

Wifi Sync: this is allowing you to wirelessly sync your devise over your home WiFi network.

Folder Enhancer: you can open folders in fullscreen.

Frash Toggle: add Adobe flash player.

zToggle: this is allows you to toggle multitasking and background wallpapers.

Full Screen for Safari: it is creates a much more intuitive way to interact with safari using touch gestures.

Gridlock: it is allow you to position springboard icons however you like.

Home Page in Safari: set a homepage in iOS

GroupSMS: send a message to a group of people in your address book.

Insomnia Pro: this is allows applications and WiFi to remain alive even if your iDevise is in standby mode.

Springtomize 2: this app puts many of the tweaks, all into one.


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Add BiteYourApple source URL to your device with cydia


IPhone, iPod and iPad users- Copy paste following source url and add it to Cydia


Windows and Mac users – Scan following QR code form your device and grab BiteYourApple source url to your device

BiteYourApple Source url


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