iFile has been updated for iOS 7 version and  now iFile 2.0.1-1 is fully compatible with iOS 7. Now there are lot of improvements on iFile 2.0.1-1 version, fixes bugs issues and carry out to fix broken Open with… in Attributes Editor. Here is the change log of iFile 2.0.1-1

Bugfix Release (iOS 4.x and later)

  • Fixes
    • Fixed broken Open with… in Attributes Editor.
    • Corrected wrong iFile icon on iOS6 and below.

New features of iFile 2.0.1-1

Now you can copy, paste, rename even can move files within the file system.

Now you can edit text files and property lists, such as configuration files.

Support for deep software package

Pack and unpack ZIPs and other compressed files.

Include MP3 format into your iPod library.

Support for Upload and Download file

Manage, copy, and move files in your Dropbox, box or FTP account.

Support for e-mail attachment.

Support for Mount Apple disk image (DMG) files.

Can send files with Bluetooth support in iFiles.

Download iFile 2.0.1-1 for iOS 7



There is the most popular tweak under Cydia to access iDevice file system, with this tweak you can complete access to your iPhone , iPod and iPad file system. Actually, with this tweak you can get deep access to your all the files. It is allows to you view directly various file type ex- movies, sound, text, HTML, PDF, ZIP, Microsoft type, it is possible to jump direct  to PDF files and this is the most secured mobile operating system.

There are two types of version attainable in this tweak. First, one is ready for use from iTunes, and other you can get after jailbreakr your Device, and it is available from Cydia.


iFile has updated new versions; it is bring a lot of new features and improvements.  If you have jialbroken iPhone , iPod, iPad  then you are allows to install this app.

Supported file listed

          As a Text file

          As a Sound file

          As a PDF file type

          As a HTML file type

          As a Microsoft file type

          As aiFile features

          As a Zip file type

          As a File Explorer

          As a All format image viewer ex- JPEG, PNG, GIF etc

          As a File manager

          As a Audio player

          As a Video player

          As a Document viewer

          As a Document editor

          As a File downloader

          As a File uploder

          As a Zip packing

          As a Unzip packing

iFile 1.7.0-1 brings many more changes for file handling system . Here are the changes for iFile 1.7.0-1

In new versions has been added completely refactored local and remote file handling

Newly added an option to open new tabs using bookmarks.

Overhaul of dropbox implemention

New FTP client supporting copy, cut, paste, delete and rename

It has added Restructured iFile’s preferences.

You can Changed iFile-to-iFile Bluetooth transfer to disable device locking when the transfer

In new versions has been added section index also in case of sorting and grouping files by extension.

It has added Hungarian and European Portuguese localization added

It has added support for auto mounting harddisks

It has added AirBlue Sharing support.

Do you want to install “iFile”, just follow the below step guide

Step one. Go to Cydia> Manage> Source> Edit> Add

iFile 3









Step two. Enter the source URL

Step three. Now click on Add Source.

Step four. Go to Search>Search for iFile.

Step five. Tap the install button.

iFile is not a free application, but you can install a free trial on to your jailbroken Devise.

You can install this famous application under BigBoss source for $4.00. But the update is free of cost


iFile 2

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