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All iPhone users know very well, at the time of incoming and outgoing call iPhone displays real contact name. When adding a new contact there is no asking to add nick name, default option asking only First Name and Last Name. some of people popular with a nick name.if we add real name those people when coming incoming call which is popular from nick name , that time getting confuse.

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From this jailbreak tweak you can replace the contact name with the nickname. After install this jailbreak tweak you can see the nick name instead of real name for contacts as Caller ID at the movement of incoming call and outgoing calls.

When you adding new contact, the nickname of your contacts showing under the real name of the contacts. If you fill the field for nick name then will appear nick name if you leave this field, tweak showing the contacts first and last name.

For Below following places you can replace contact name with nickname.

  • For incoming and outgoing call
  • For phone favourites
  • For new message alert
  • For message thread list
  • In a message thread


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If you want to install this tweak, it is requires jailbroken iOS devise. You should have jailbroken your iDevise before install the tweak.

In my opinion you should not add nick names all your contacts, because sometimes we cannot memorize with nick names. Add nicknames which are popular with our nick names.

After install this new tweak no new icon added to your HomeScreen, which mean you cannot configure it from the Home Screen. If you want to configure it you have to go to the setting app.

You can install the tweak from BigBoss Source for $0.99


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