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Most of Cydia Sources are famous for the Cydia users. As you know, there are many more app, tweaks, themes, and ringtones available under them. However, unfortunately some of Cydia Sources are not well-liked among the people. Now I am going to introduce, which is not liked Cydia Source among Cydia users. It is P0dulo Source. Sometimes, you may not hear about P0dulo Source, but I can certify to you. It is very useful Cydia Source.

URL of  P0dulo Source


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How to addP0dulo Source to Cydia

If you really want to install P0dulo Source to Cydia, first you have to jailbroke your iPhone. After jailbroke your iDevise, the Cydia application will be added to your iDevise automatically. As you know, when Cydia application adding to your iDevise some default Sources will add to your Sources list.  However, P0dulo Source is not default Sources which are installing automatically. We have to install P0dulo Source by physically. I will show you how to install P0dulo Source by physically.

Open up Cydia application on your iDevise springboard. Put some finger tip on Cydia icon, at this moment you can see the welcome screen of Cydia. In welcome screen can you notice there is a Manage button on the lower menu barAfter click Manage button now you can see the next screen is appearing select Source and Edit button? After click Source button, it will bring the list of Cydia Sources which are already installed on your iDevise. Now we are going to install new Cydia Source which not installs before, for that we have to click add button at this moment popup box will appear. At present, you allow putting above Cydia Source URL: http://p0dulo.com, be patient until Cydia updates. Once it finished just put a finger tip on Return To Cydia button, and now you are allowed to start browsing through the P0dulo Source. 

Most popular Cydia features in P0dulo Source.

From this source you can find out anything. There are many more themes, ringtones, tweaks and lot of games available on P0dulo Source. As well as these applications are available on another Cydia Source also. However, don’t hesitates to you can install these applications from another Cydia Source by officially. Here are some famous apps in P0dulo Source and in this source you can buy free apps, which are available in BigBoss Source and ModMyi source

Infinidock: this is allowing you to place as many applications in your iDevise dock.

Infiniboard: this is allowing you to place as many applications in your iPhone dock

Auto3G: it helps you conserve your iPhone battery.

Barrel: from this application you can change to lovely look of springboard.

Graviboard: This brings gravity to your home screen, after install this tweak the entire icon which available on your homescreen.


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Add P0dulo source URL to your device with cydia


IPhone, iPod and iPad users- Copy paste following source url and add it to Cydia



Windows and Mac users – Scan following QR code form your device and grab P0dulo source url to your device

P0dulo Source url



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