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Repo666.ultrasn0w source gives you to your iPhone, unlock utilities. Especially this source supported for iPhone 3G on running iOS 3.0 firmware. If you want to add a new Sim to your iPhone, you must unlock your iPhone. This is the very famous iPhone unlock option.Now ultrasn0w has updated to ultrasn0w 1.2. It will help you to unlock your iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS running iOS 4.2.1.

This means your phone will be work on any GSM cellular network across the globe.

URL of Repo666.ultrasn0w source


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How to add Ultrasn0w Source to Cydia.

This is a default Cydia Source. When you jailbreak your iDevice to get Cydia automatically comes this source to your iDevices as a default.

Some time cannot find ultrasn0w, by searching Cydia. On this case you have to add the ultrasn0w app Source to install ultrasn0w. This operation basically it is similar to Installous. If you facing same trouble while searching, Add below URL to your sources after, then you are free of trouble.


This is the official URL of Ultrasn0w, but unfortunately sometimes there is an error while trying adding this as a source. On these occasions, I can introduce some alternative Source for ultrasn0w Source. Here are they.

  1. http://musclenerd.com
  2. http://sinfuliphonerepo.com

As you know, Ultrasnow is installed automatically with cydia, but sometimes it will be missing, that time you cannot find ultrasn0w in your cydia, now I will introduce how to add if it is missing by accidentally.

First open up Cydia on your iPhone. Now go to the bottom of the screen, there is an icon naming as Manage, click on this button Now you can see select Source and Edit button on appearing on the next screen. At present, click on Edit button after then click on Add button. Enter the below URL and click on Add Source.


what is the Ultrasn0w?

Ultrasn0w is the unofficial carrier unlock program for jailbroken iPhones. After that you can use any sim card in your iPhone.

Support versions

iPhone 4, 3GS, or 3G on iOS 4.1 using Greenpois0n, Limera1n or Sn0wbreeze.

For this you need unlock modem firmware are 4.26.08, 5.11.07, 5.12.01, 5.13.04, and 6.15.00.

 Who is the Creator of  Ultrasn0w

They have been creating so many tools to enable use of applications not authorized by Apple on the iPhone, iPhone, iPad. They are the most popular group of engineers in  iOS

How to unlock using ultrasn0w

As I say earlier it is supporting iPhone 4, 3GS, or 3G.

Before start this mission you must have jailbroken iPhone and must be on this modem firmware.

04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01, 05.13.04, 06.15.00, or 01.59

I will introduce it by step guide. Follow these instructions.

v  Launch Cydia from your springboard.

v  Bottom of the screen you can see Manage tab, click on it.

v  At the moment, click on Source button.

v  Now you can see all Sources list

v  Now click on Add button, at the moment popup box will appear.

v  Enter of the URL of ultrasn0w Source.


v  Now then Add source button.

v    Once it updates to click on Return to Cydia button.

v  Now you can see Done button at the top right of the screen, click on it.

v  At the moment press to select repo666.ultrasn0w.com from the Sources list.

v  Select ultrasn0w from the list of the package.

v  Go to top right corner, there is an install button, click on it.

v  Again go to top of the screen, there is a Confirm button. Press on it.

v  Once installation complete press Restart Springboard button.

v  Now you are allowed inserting the sim as your choice.


Ultrasn0w Source 01

Add Ultrasn0w source URL to your device with cydia


IPhone, iPod and iPad users- Copy paste following source url and add it to Cydia



Windows and Mac users – Scan following QR code form your device and grab Ultrasn0w source url to your device

Ultrasn0w Source url

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