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Actually, xSellize Source is very famous Source most of Cydia users. xSellize Source is hosting many tweaks,  apps , themes. Even this Source has most popular game ROM packs and there are so many full applications also. This Source is popular for some awesome HD themes and Bluetooth application for all your iPhone and iPod touch. So you can search, download and install all of these applications via xSellize Source with easily.

Now you are allows to jailbreak iOS 7.1.2 as untethered jailbreak. Once jailbreak your Device Cydia downloads automatically.Once jailbreak your Device Cydia downloads automatically. However,iOS 7.1.2 is not a latest version of Apple.  At the moment,iOS8beta is the latest version for Apple. The Apple next major destination is iOS 8 , hopefully we can install ios8version within a next couple of the month.

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How to Add xSellize Source to Cydia

This is not a default Cydia Source. Default Cydia Sources will install automatically once you jailbreak your device. To add this source your sources list you have to add manually. Follow a down step guide to install this source to your sources list.

Open Cydia application on your Springboard. Then click manage tab below of your cydia application. Select “sources” and touch “Edit” button. Then you will get “add box”. Type above Cydia source URL (http://cydia.xsellize.com) or copy paste it to this “add box. Then Click “Add Source” button. Now Cydia shows “Source warning” message. Click “Add Anyway” button. OK! Now you have done. xSellize Source will download to your device. Normally, it takes few seconds to complete.






Crimson HD



Element Mod



Elite PRO

emulators and ROMs



Speed Intensifier

Unique HD






Pandora v3.1.8 Skip Hack

Rainy Day


U Cant Touch This

Realite HD



Ragdoll Fun

YooKey Pro

YaRab Almustfa

xSellize Source errors

According to our researchers xSellize sources hosting is not a quality one. Users have complained that many times xSellize source server has dropped.

Is xSellize Source illegal?

No. Cydia is open source application. Therefore, Cydia allows any kind of sources (except malware or viruses sources) According to Cydia this source is copyrighted works redistributing one. It’ s means Cydia doesn’t recommend this. When you try to add this Cydia just inform this to you. But you can use this if you wish to get paid Cydia apps for free

Is xSellize Source secure?

According to Cydia xSellize source can have some security issues. When you try to add xSellize Source, Cydia shows a security warning message also. But we can satisfy security of this source. xSellize team only chooses secure application for distribute this source.

This Source is popular for some awesome HD themes and Bluetooth application for all your iPhone and iPod touch. This source also very popular among iPad users. So you can find popular applications with xSellize Source for your iPad also.

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xsellize source 01

Add xSellize source URL to your device with cydia


IPhone, iPod and iPad users- Copy paste following source url and add it to Cydia



Windows and Mac users – Scan following QR code form your device and grab xSellize source url to your device

xSellize Source url



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